Tuesday, December 8, 2009

It's beginning to look alot like Christmas!!!

We could not believe it last week when we looked out the window and saw honest to goodness, real live snow falling here. We had been wearing our short sleeves all weekend long and then all of a sudden it decided to turn COLD...and it hasn't gone back to my nice mild temperatures that I am so fond of. Jaden was in heaven with this little bit of snow that we got...she had been a little jealous of some pictures of her cousins playing in the snow from the weekend. We bundled up and rushed right out to take advantage because it wouldn't be there when we got home!!!

Taking pictures while dodging snow balls is hard work.

Making snow angels is a much nicer past time...except for the changing out of the soaking wet clothes before school part!!!

Doesn't she make a pretty angle.

Thursday Sandie and Hope flew down to visit and shop and shop and hey, did I mention shop? Luckily for me they did come to do some shopping, and I am pleased to announce that I am pretty much done (except for a couple of small things) with my shopping. :)

Then we moved on to more important things...like a house that still had pumpkins in the front yard. It takes us a while to catch on that it's time to move on to the next holiday I guess. Jaden finally convinced her daddy to head up to the attic and haul down all the Christmas decorations, and she tackled her favorite job of the season...decorating the tree!!! This year she even had a little helper. They were so cute doing their job together. :)

I didn't actually hit the outside of the house until today when I got rid of the pumpkins and put the outside x-mas decorations up. We are now officially ready...except for the no presents under the tree part. As soon as I recover from all the shopping and decorating maybe I'll come up with some energy to start the wrapping!!!