Friday, June 26, 2009

Man, now I feel old!!!

Jaden had soccer practice last night. When we got there her coach had on one white glove. I heard all the girls asking why he was wearing that and heard him tell them it was in homage to Michael Jackson. None of them really said much after that, and Jaden acted like she knew who he was talking about. In the car on the way home I asked Jaden about the glove and Michael Jackson and she said, "I don't really get it though. Did he just dribble with the hand that didn't have a glove on it?" That's when I knew I should just go ahead and get me a walker to assist me in my old age...she had no idea who Michael Jackson was and thought her coach was talking about Michael Jordan!!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Our new neighbor's a barber?

We finally got some new neighbors next door after about a year. Jaden had to go over last night to ask if they could get her soccer ball for her out of their backyard after it flew over our fence. When she came home she said "Did you know our neighbor is a barber?" I asked her how she knew this, "was she cutting someones hair when you went over there?" "No, she just told me." I wondered where in a short conversation of "can I get my soccer ball out of your backyard?" would this lady tell Jaden that she was a barber. Finally I asked her what exactly the woman had said to her, and Jaden said that when she was leaving the lady said "By the way, we're the Barber's." Jaden couldn't quite figure out what Joe and I thought was so funny.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Only in Groom

That is for sure the only place you will run across this Harley woman, this female version of Evil Knievel...ok so she never got out of first gear, at least she was willing to try and learn to ride, and she had a good time once her fear of crashing subsided a little.

A big thanks to Aunt Becca for all her patience in keeping J upright until she finally figured out the balancing thing. Just for that I decided not to post all the cleavage pictures I have of her bending down and holding on to keep this little one leaning the right way...don't worry Toby, I'll email them your way later!!!

Jaden had yet another great visit up in the Panhandle, this time learning a little basketball at a camp run by Aunt Karen, Uncle Shannon and Uncle Russell and doing a lot of swimming and playing with her cousins. A big thanks to all her aunts, uncles, cousins and MamMaw who all pitched in and helped out with this little one. She truly treasures all her time spent with you guys.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Don't miss me too much

My mom came to get Jaden for a week long trip up to the Panhandle, and let me tell you this little one was ready to go!!! She was packed last weekend and had to wait a whole week looking at her suitcase just waiting for her ride to show up, poor thing. Mom was talking about leaving around noon on Sunday, but I think she got tired of J asking if she was ready to go, so they were out the door and loading up around 10:30.

"Ok, I've gone back in and used the bathroom...anything else I have to do before I can get outta here?"

There is a cheer clinic at daycare this year, we haven't signed up for it (aka paid for it) but they let the girls try it out on Friday, presumably so they could go home and tell their parents how much fun it as and add it to the list of things our paychecks are going toward this summer. Anyway, this is a picture of her doing one of the cheers she learned to hurry MamMaw along...

"Let's go, Let's go, L-E-T-S-G-O" I heard this one alot Sun. morning.

"OK, I'll pose for one picture with MamMaw then can we PLEASE get this show on the road!!!"

Aww look all buckled in and ready to go.

"Hey, I was ready to go here people, are you coming or what?"

Doesn't she just look so sad to be going away from me for a week...I can just see her crying herself to sleep every night because she's missing me too much!!!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Last day

We finally made it to our last day of school. Jaden has been jealous since last weekend when she found out all of her cousins were out of school. Every morning and afternoon I had to hear "why do I still have to go to school when everyone else is already out?" Trust me I got tired of saying, "everyone in the state of Texas has to go to school the same amount of days, you either started later or got more days off during the year." Thankfully she will now just be concentrating on how much swimming and other stuff she will be doing instead of worrying about why she is the only poor little cousin still slaving away in school!!!

Here is a picture of her from her first day of second grade. Wide awake and happy to be heading off to see all her friends again.

Then we make it to today, the last day of second grade...I barely got her out of bed, it's been a struggle for the past few months...and she was definitely just tired and cranky and ready to get the day over with. She is looking forward to starting day care because she gets an extra 30 min. of sleep every morning since she can eat breakfast when she gets there!!!

So now we can officially join in and say "HAPPY SUMMER" to all of you from all the poor kids our way who are just now finally free!!!


Yesterday before getting my tooth prepped and my temporary crown put on I was asked if I wanted laughing gas for the first time in my adult life. I of course said yes...let's make this as easy and pain free as possible. After getting the gas mask put on, I suddenly had a flashback to all those visits I had as a kid to get cavity after cavity filled. I had visions of following the yellow brick road back to one of the chairs in Dr. Longanecker's office and them telling me to get ready to fly on the plane...that's what they tell you when you're a kid getting high on laughing gas I guess. The smells were the same, guess they haven't changed that much in the drilling and grinding process, and my dentist even kinda sounded like Dr. Longanecker...although he didn't call me pumpkin, that was kind of a disappointment. The similarities pretty much ended there though, because this old version of Marie started to get a little sick from all that laughing gas and had them take it off...then the yellow brick road vanished from my mind and I was just at the dentist doing nothing more than getting a temporary crown put on, bummer.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Just call me the queen

I will be getting a crown so I may as well have the title to go along with it...that's what I'm thinking anyway. I pretty much knew it was coming, I am missing a large chunk of tooth in a not good spot so there was nothing much else that could be done. I wonder if I put the chunk of tooth under my pillow if the Tooth Fairy will show up and leave me some money to cover the crown??? Worth a shot I'm thinking.

I am also wondering what it is about this chair...

It seems to have magical powers to knock kids out. I'll have to suggest she watch TV here sometime on the weekend when I'm feeling like taking a nap myself...if she goes down I may just be able to sneak one in...also worth a shot I'm thinking!!!

Here are just a couple of pictures of Jaden's new bangs...courtesy of her mom who shall remain nameless because they weren't exactly supposed to be real bangs, that's just what we ended up with. Luckily J has decided she likes them just fine so her mom is off the hook!!! She is in the middle of a heated old maid battle with her daddy so didn't notice that I was taking yet another picture of her.


Please remember Joey's dad in your prayers today as he is having surgery...that the surgery goes well and is successful. I pray with all my heart that he will finally be able to have pain free days.

Please also think of me as I go to the dentist this afternoon to have them check on the tooth that I have broken...darn Crunch-n-Munch. I am hopeful that it is something that they will be able to fix without a crown or something equally tortuous. My one crown experience was the worst dental experience of my life, and any of you who know me know that I am quite experienced with dental work!!! I think I had the nickname "Cavity Queen" at my childhood dentist. Joey blames it on my love of candy and aversion to milk...he may just be onto something!!!