Sunday, March 29, 2009

A great visit

Our visitors arrived safe and sound. They got away from the snow but still managed to bring us plenty of cold and wind. Angie and Apollo left the kids with us Friday night and we had a great time. The big kids (Joe included) played monkey in the middle all night.

That left me and MamMaw lots of time to hang out with this little cutie!!! He likes us just fine as long as his mom and dad aren't around.

Our coach and the coach from the other soccer team J was playing decided to reschedule our Sat. game...guess temperatures in the 30's and 40 mph winds didn't sound good to them either, so we didn't have to freeze Sat. morning. We decided to torture the kids another, and lots of it!!! Luckily they are fairly easily bribed and the promise of some Converse tennis shoes kept them good most of the time.

Sunday the weather was much nicer, so the kids had a litte fun with some confetti Easter eggs before heading home...nothing like a head full of confetti for a long car ride home.

Thanks for making the trip. We love having you guys here. Hopefully we'll see you all again very soon!!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Have a safe trip

Sending out wishes for Mom and Angie and their group to please be very careful on their way down here and to have a safe trip. We can't wait to see you guys...not that I'm waiting up or anything, I have some sort of syndrome that makes me fall asleep by 10:00, and I can't control it!!! If any of the rest of you want to escape the blizzard that is heading your way feel free to head on down here and join us!!! Otherwise, stay warm and enjoy your snow day!!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Thank goodness they're not skeletons!!!

So, we had our first soccer game Feb. 28th...then we had a bye week, then our next game got rained out, then we were off for spring break. Today was supposed to be our second game in a season that is now going to last until May with makeup games. Today we were also supposed to get a lot of rain. I told Jaden this morning that her game might get rained out and this was her response, "If we don't play today it will be like a thousand years since our last game and by the time we play again we will all be skeletons." So maybe I have a bit of a drama queen on my hands, but we did get to play, so at least I don't have a skeleton on my hands!!! Here are a couple of pictures from tonight's game...which didn't go so well for our little team, but J did say she had a good time and came close to scoring several goals. Maybe next time!!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Here goes...

Well, I thought I'd start a blog and see if that helps me in keeping everyone up to date on things going on around here...since I'm not the best at keeping in touch or remembering who I have told what...there are too many of you to remember especially with my old lady mind these days!!! This is a first and I'm not the best writer, so please bear with me. I am enjoying my first weekend of alone time in way longer than I care to remember. J is spending the last of here spring break in Oklahoma with her Nanny Etta and I'm sure having a great time. I have done all I can think of...except the extremes of cleaning out closets or cleaning keep myself entertained and have also enjoyed just being lazy, but thought since I have a little free time left why not start a blog. Of course this could possibly be my one and only post...guess we'll have to see how it goes.

Anyway, I guess we've had a pretty good spring break. J is finally starting to feel good again. She will continue to be on her inhaler regimen for another week at least to try and keep her lungs clear, but she is not letting that slow her down. Logan came down with Etta on Thurs. to spend the night and take her back to OK which made her weekend and also helped her to forget about missing out on our trip to Amarillo last weekend. She even showed Logan some of her soccer moves while she was here...

Well, guess it will be back to the grind of school, homework, soccer practice, soccer games and work...can't wait for our next break!!!