Sunday, September 27, 2009

Oh yeah...someone turned 40!!!

Besides a busy week and weekend of soccer we had other stuff going on this weekend as well. Joey turned the big 4-0...not that he was looking forward to the occasion. Once it was here though I don't think it was as bad as he was imagining. Jaden got him to smile with a ton of stuff she made for him, including this card that said "I'm Daddy's angle."

She was right, she is definitely his little angle!!! Joey's mom Etta also came down to celebrate the momentous occasion. Jaden was happy to see her nanny!!!

Plus she had someone new to con into playing every game in her game closet with her. Luckily Nanny Etta didn't mind and played whatever she brought out, even if she had no idea what it was. Jaden had a ton of fun teaching her how to play Jenga...and I think they got the least at our house, I tend to knock it over pretty early on. Nanny was worried J wasn't going to make it on this one, but she did.

Nanny made it crash just a couple of minutes later though!!!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Finally, some games

After weeks of rain, we finally got to play some games...2 of them actually. We had a game Thurs. night and another this morning. J played hard Thurs. night but we were a little outmatched and got shutout 3-0.

She hustled and fought hard all through the game though.

Saturday's game was the first game of the day. She had a good first half and scored a goal for our team...we won this game 4-1, but J was pretty much out of juice by the second half. Our team played good though, and it was nice to get a win!!!

J's been practice on bringing the ball down using her body...I try to talk her into using her head too, but she tells me that it hurts!!!

We spent a good portion of the second half being defensive...all of our team was pooped, but still we were able to hold on till the end of the game and only allow one goal, it was a lot of bend but don't break type of second half.

We still have a long season plus make-up games to go...hopefully most will be as fun as today!!!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Stuff I don't know

Jaden's school had their boosterthon funrun yesterday in the gym instead of outside because of all the rain we have been getting...hopefully we're in for a few sunny days before it comes back around to us on Monday. They were all supposed to get shirts to wear, but apparently they were running behind in getting them to the kids so they didn't get them until the morning of the run. Wednesday afternoon when Jaden came home we had this conversation about it.

Jaden - It's ok. I'm just going to wear a noodle strap shirt to school and then put my shirt on over it when I get it.

Me - I have no idea what a "noodle strap" shirt is.

Jaden - You know the ones with the little skinny straps that I'm not supposed to wear to school.

Me - Oh, you mean a spaghetti strap shirt.

Jaden (rolling her eyes) - Everyone at school calls them "noodle strap shirts" Mom.

So this post is really just a public service announcement to all you moms out there who don't know what noodle strap shirts are to save you from the eye rolls or the "what century are you from" looks. Although this could just be some weird thing J and her friends made up and it's not sweeping the country yet!!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Let me just start out by saying I hated wearing glasses. I got them in 5th grade because I could not see at all, otherwise I would have figured out a way to get by without them. Even after I got them I only wore them when I had to. I would sit in the back of the classroom and sneak them out of my purse and put them on long enough to see what was on the board and hope nobody looked in my direction, then back in the purse they went. About a year later my mom got me contacts thankfully, and I could actually tell who was talking to me from the other side of the hallway at school.

Apparently today's generation doesn't feel quite the same way as I did. My nephew Aaron was excited to get his a few years ago, and he looks great in them. Maybe it's the new styles they have today that make them not look so bad...I personally had the huge Sally Jesse Rafeal type for my first pair, although mine were blue instead of red. Jaden doesn't need glasses yet, and hopefully never will, but that didn't stop her from having to get a pair of fake glasses...she paid for these with her own money since I saw no need for them at all. She calls them "style specs." Not sure if this is their actual name or something she made up with her friends. She has no problem wearing school, to shop, on trips, wherever the mood strikes her. I tell her I don't think she would find them nearly as cool if she HAD to wear them all the time though!!!

Please disregard the mess...for Jaden this is considered clean.

Just had to throw this picture in to let MeMaw know that the Reef's are still hanging in there over a year later, one more growth spurt though and I think we're done!!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

My new toy

When my mom asked me what I wanted for Christmas last year, I told her that I wanted a new scanner/copier combo. Of course she got it for me...and it has been sitting in its nice little box beside my computer since then. We have had three straight days of rain so far with plenty more in the forecast, which meant no opening day soccer weekend and pretty much nothing else going on either. So I had some time on my hands, which meant I could clean my house or do my best to find something else that needed to be done. Needless to say, I have had this scanner/copier for months, and it was high time I got it out and learned how to use it...there wasn't much of a learning curve actually since you just put the picture on there and hit scan, so even my technology challenged brain could figure it out. Anyway, I decided to go back and scan some pictures of J from when she was my chunky monkey...not my tall string bean that I see today. Here are a couple of my favorites that I have come across so far. If you don't hear from me for a while I'll be sitting at my computer staring at picture after picture of my little angle hoping my preteen doesn't come in and try to kick me off!!!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Last slice of summer

I remember back in my school days, and in my mind it's not nearly as long ago as the actual years suggest, when summer wasn't over and school didn't start until after Labor day. My little one has never known that to be the case and figured her summer officially ended Aug. 25th. Luckily for her, Mike, Jen and the boys came to visit us of the holiday weekend, and we got in one last bit of summer fun!!!

The big boys (Mike, Joe and Cody) played golf and then went to watch the OU/BYU game at Cowboys stadium on Sat. I think Cody had a great time...the other two were a little (that's an understatement for Joe at least) disappointed with the outcome of the game. Jen and I got in some shopping and then rewarded our two little ones with Mr. Gatti's and a movie for making it through the day with us.

Sunday was Jaden's favorite day of the visit because A - no shopping and B- we got to go to the lake. She loves the lake or anything water related, and Mike's fantasy football draft was out at the lake this year. Plus as an extra bonus he had a friend who was bringing a jet ski and tube. Here are a few pictures of our day out at the lake (Joe was still mourning the OU loss so didn't come with us).

We were the first to arive, so the kids had to entertain themselves until the jet ski arived. They did a lot of swimming and floating around.

Cody helped teach J to skip rocks.

Jaden and Caden tried thier hands at sand volleyball.

It was hard so they decided to just play in the sand instead.

Then they had to get cleaned up!!!

Here is Jaden pulling the tube back on shore after an afternoon of riding behind the jet ski. They had loads of fun. A big thanks to Jen for getting on and pulling them around all afternoon!!!

Peace out from J on the jet ski...luckily nobody actually let her drive!!!

And that's it from our day at the lake...walking out of the water for the last time. I guess we're ready to see what fall has in store for us.