Sunday, July 25, 2010

Summer is flying by

I can't believe school will start back in just a month. This summer is going by way too fast. Hopefully we'll still have time to get a few more fun things in before it's over. Most of our time has been taken up by summer track...not the best idea I ever had. Guess I should have said to myself "Hey, if you do this you are going to have to sit out at a track meet all day in 100+ degree weather...think about it for a while." But I didn't have that conversation with myself, so there I was burning up for hours waiting for Jaden's two or three events to roll around...I guess at least I wasn't having to run in 100+ degree heat, I'm sure J doesn't think it was the best idea we ever had either. She toughed it out though, and we made it through. Had our regional meet this Fri. and Sat. and are now officially finished with track and track practices. :)

Logan and Rikki came to visit and got to bake with us at one of the track meets this summer too. Then they switched to some basketball for a little fun when we got home.

Logan got a little too much sun at the track meet. Hopefully she has recovered. They thought one meet was enough and didn't volunteer to go to anymore!!!

We've also managed to fit in two more trips to the lake so far this summer. Jaden always has a ball out on the water and is hoping we're able to squeeze in a couple more before the end of the summer.

Tubing is always her favorite part of the trip, and she doesn't think her turn is over until you manage to flip her out of the tube.

Jen and Caden invited us to hang out with them for a day at Turner Falls in Oklahoma, and we have definitely found a new fun spot. The kids loved it and Jen and I had a great time watching and playing with them in the water.

We also fit in a trip to the Panhandle for the 4th of was freezing and rainy there but the kids did get a little break from the rain and a chance to put on a little fireworks show for us at the farm.

Hopefully soon I'll get better about updating here, but soccer practice starts tomorrow with the season soon to follow, so I'm not seeing a whole lot of free time in my future even though we've made it through our first...and last...track season!!!