Sunday, October 25, 2009

The weekend

I'm still trying to figure out where all my time is going. I don't know where it all is...just know I don't have it anymore. We should have pretty much the same schedule as last year, but for some reason this year seems much more rushed and hurried and stressful than last year. We seem to be eating out all the time and just running from one place to the next...well not actually running...that's another thing I am finding a hard time fitting into my schedule. I think I only made it onto the treadmill twice last week, although I can't actually even remember if that's correct or not. This weekend there was no break for us either. We bought a new HDTV on Thurs. night and spent Fri. night moving furniture and such and trying to figure out how it would look best in our living room. What we had wasn't working, so Joe and I headed out to look for something else. We didn't find anything, so I went back out Sat. morning to check a few other places...nothing really jumped out at me.

Then it was time for soccer. They let us play on the soggy fields since they have run out of dates for makeup games. Jaden had a big asthma attack toward the end of the first half. Since the parents are required to sit on the other side of the field this year, I had to run through all the mud to get over to help. Luckily her inhaler worked quickly. She even went back into the game in the second half, although her coach put her in as a defender to give her a bit of a break!!!

Here are a few pictures from the game.

She plays with her tongue out a lot!!!

She was pretty disgusting after the game. Feel sorry for those football parents who have to deal with the muddy clothes a lot more. Joey told her she would have to ride in the back of his truck. She didn't think this was a very good idea!!! Luckily he had a towel in there, so after taking off her shoes, she was allowed to get in.

After the game we grabbed some food on the run and then headed out to meet some friends at the pumpkin patch. We went on the train ride, hit the bounce houses and face painting and just had a good time hanging out with everyone!!!

Joe met up with us afterward...OU was playing after all and he couldn't miss that to hang out at a pumpkin patch...for dinner and drinks with everyone. Then we went looking for the TV stand/ mount again. Still no luck, but I did find one that we got on Sunday, so by about 7:00 Sunday night we finally had everything up and running and in its place and enough time to grill out some steaks...yeah eating at home...before the next wave of storms rolled in to make sure we would stay on the soggy side!!!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Happy B-day Jaden

Happy birthday to my sweet baby girl...who isn't such a baby anymore. My little girl is 9 today, and I am so proud of the person she is becoming. She is so kind and sweet and just a fun person to be around. Hopefully all of these qualities just continue to grow in her!!!

She had a party with her cousins last weekend in Amarillo and had a great time. Tony and Sam took her out last night for some shopping at Justice and dinner wherever she wanted...Chili's of course. Today I took her shopping...the cash and gift cards she has gotten so far were burning a hole in her little pocket. Hopefully she has had a great day today. I'm about to cook her a b-day be followed up by cheesecake, her favorite!!!

A special thanks to Angie for taking some time out last Sunday to take some new pictures for me. They are all great!!!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

My blessings...

Every night when I tuck Jaden into bed she says "Mommy could you cuddle me for 5 minutes?" If I am in the middle of doing something she asks if I will come back and cuddle her "even if I'm asleep." I know it will not always be like this, so I cuddle with her and hold her hand and rub her hair as she fall asleep...I'll take it for as long as it will last. She is the piece of me I never knew was missing until she was here.

I not only have this beautiful little girl, I am surrounded by love. Starting with my husband who I know will always be there to love and support me and continuing on to my amazing family and friends. God has truly blessed me with each and every one of you, and I know I am not good at showing it but I hope you all know how much I love each of you and count you all as blessings in my life!!!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Music to my ears

Jaden has never been the biggest fan of school. She likes to go and socialize and hang out with all her friends, but that's pretty much it. Usually when I ask her to tell me something good about the day she will list P.E., recess, sometimes even lunch, or ESD. If you ask her what the worst part is it would be work...she's not a big fan of work in school and especially of homework. Last year along with her other homework, she had to read 100 minutes a week. If you break it down over the course of the week, it really isn't that bad. To Jaden, however, it seemed like torture. Every couple of minutes it was "how much longer until my time is up?" She hated reading and looked at me like I was crazy anytime she saw me reading in my spare time...which wasn't often because if I have spare time, she thinks that should be Jaden time!!! This year she has to read 15 minutes 5 nights a week, so not quite as much as last year. We didn't get any reading done last night...not really sure why, it just didn't work out, so Jaden was reading tonight. She always tells me what time she started, so I can keep track and let her know when she can stop. Tonight when I told her that her 15 minutes were up she said "Can I keep reading, I LOVE these Judy Moody books." She got this book Thurs. from the library and is still reading it...she has decided to finish it tonight. Something has finally clicked, and she has found a book that she can't put down!!! Earlier this evening when I had her take a break so we could watch a movie together, she told me she was going to try saving her money so she could buy some of these books for herself. I am in a state of shock but so totally happy that my little girl has finally found a love of reading!!!

Please excuse the has been in a ponytail for soccer all day.

Thursday, October 1, 2009


My hands are raw from washing them every 5 seconds or putting on hand sanitizer every time I touch something, and I'm sure Jaden is tired of me constantly telling her to do the same...and all because the nasty flu is hovering all through our house. Someone said Friday, "I don't get the flu, so why should I get a flu shot." Saturday this someone came home from work with the flu, although of course said person didn't believe me when I told him that is what he had and so didn't go to the doctor until Wednesday afternoon to be told that he does indeed have the flu. Hopefully the flu shots Jaden and I got will hold up for us...or else you all better start praying for this someone who "doesn't need a flu shot because he never gets the flu!!!"