Sunday, April 25, 2010

PIG and 21

J and Joe play at least one game of PIG and 21 every day. J loves it, and Joe really enjoys it too I think. I usually don't go out there...there's a lot of smack talk and rubbing it in to the loser, which is usually Jaden, but it sure makes it that much sweeter for her when she finally does win because she has all the smack talk down too. Joe doesn't cut her any slack...if she wins, she really pretending to miss a shot for Joe. He told me the other day that he is just trying to build a competitive spirit in her, make her want to win...and he's definitely succeeding at that. It would probably work really well if the little girls she played against treated her the same way. Right now she still saves most of her aggression for her daddy!!!

These are some pictures from a game of 21 they were playing the other day...a game that Jaden won!!!

They kick back and throw a little fun into the competition sometimes idea what sparked this little dance off, but glad I got a picture.

Joe trying to scare her on her last shot that was for the win...she's been here before though and knew it was coming.

And the final shot to seal a VICTORY!!!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Our Week

We've had a lot going on this week. Started off with an alignment and new tires for my car...needed to be done...hated paying for it. After we got that taken care of we had soccer practice and pictures for the girls. Their coach tried to get a scrimmage together with another team from the area but it fell through. The girls scrimmaged each other for a while and then thought it would be fun to play against the parents. I'm sure it was fun for them to see us all out there trying to run around with them. Even though I run several times a week, I found myself sore in several different areas the next they took my goal away because of some stupid rule they said we broke. All in all we had fun together and got a better idea of how much work these girls put in!!!

Monday after school Jaden had an orthodontist appointment. She was excited about it since she was finally going to get her bottom braces off and be free of them for a the dentist had told her a few weeks earlier that she had a tooth that was only being held in by her braces, so she knew she'd be getting a visit from the tooth fairy that night. She had been telling me for a while that her tooth that was going to fall out was cracked, but I didn't really believe that it could be...I mean the dentist didn't say anything about that and she never said it hurt. Guess that was because it didn't have any roots left because it was definitely cracked...

This is the piece we were left with when the braces came off. J said now she knows what the inside of a tooth looks like now. The poor ortho had to dig out the rest of the pieces...he gave J a prize for making her cry plus told her that the tooth fairy gives extra money for teeth with brackets on them. Guess he was right...she put it in her tooth fairy pillow from Great Grandma Conrad and ended up with an extra dollar!!!

She now is braces free but does have a retainer that she has to wear all night and during the day for at least one hour. Joe was excited since she can't talk for the hour she has it in during the's just one piece and her top and bottom teeth both go in it so she has to keep her mouth shut to keep it in place. J has a hard time being quiet for that long though so now keeps a pen and paper handy to let us know what she's thinking.

Wednesday I went to have lunch with J and to take her to the book fair at school. I feel lucky that she enjoys reading...not so lucky when she finds tons of books she thinks she needs. We settled on three. I then had to head home and wait for the refrigerator repair man to make his way to our house...sometime between the hours of 1 and 5...don't you just love that four hour time frame they give you. He finally made it here about 4:30, tracked dirt and mud all over my floors and told me it would be $488 to fix the dang thing. Told him no thank you and paid him $65 for his 10 minutes of mud tracking. Wednesday was also the 14th so figured while I was shelling out money I might as well efile and pay my taxes...ugh...not a good day at all. By the way the IRS is way quicker about taking the money out of your checking account than they are about putting your refund in...not that I actually remember a time when we got a refund.

Luckily I found a good deal on a fridge at Sears on Thurs. and they could deliver on Fri. so I signed up. They even took my $65 service charge out of the price...definitely a better day. After that I had to hurry home...the little one had a soccer game that night. They played really well and I had a great time watching them and seeing how much better they are getting at passing and playing together. They won 5-0 and are still undefeated for the season!!! Here are a few pictures from the game...

J is really getting a lot better at controlling the ball, passing, shooting and knowing where she is supposed to be on the proud at how much better she is getting this season.

Friday we got our new fridge, and they only gave me a two hour window that I had to wait at home for them. So very glad to have cold and frozen food again...guess I'll have to hit the grocery store this weekend and stock it back up...a little tired of all the eating out anyway!!!

Woke up to pouring rain last least we weren't camping out for ESD this year...would have been even worse than usual, but Joe got his boss to work with him and make sure he would be off in time to pick J up from school this year so I was saved...YAY!!! All the rain from overnight made the fields too wet for soccer today, so we have a totally free weekend...another YAY!!!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter in OK

Jaden and I headed up to Oklahoma for an Easter celebration this year since she believes you need to be around as much family as possible on the holidays. Joey wasn't feeling good and so he stayed behind to rest up while we hit the road for a little fun. Two days with her sisters and grandparents plus some cousins thrown in equaled plenty of family fun time for the occasion!!!

Here is Jaden in her new Easter attire from MeMaw and Poppy Joe...she was very excited to see all the peace signs...her favorite!!!

Did a little egg coloring to prepare for the festivities.

Had two egg in the early morning by herself...always a good way to make sure you get lots of eggs...

and one after our fabulous lunch with a little competition for the loot. She still ended up making out pretty good for the day!!!

Even Prince got into the spirit of the day.

Later J tortured her poor sisters until they "did something" with her. They were really good sports though and played soccer, jumped rope and also threw in a little Simon says and Yahtzee.

Couldn't ask for much more...heading back that way for Logan's graduation in about a month, I'm sure there will be more pictures to follow. Can't believe that day is already so close!!!