Wednesday, February 17, 2010

What's been going on

The days and weeks seem to be flying by this year so far...can't believe Feb. is already halfway over. We have just been up to our usual stuff. It's a little busier right now since besides the, school, homework, keeping up with the house...I am taking J to practice for two sports instead of just one. We started practicing soccer a few weeks ago along with the basketball that is going on right now. This weekend everything will kick into high gear I guess since J will have basketball and soccer games on least I just have to watch and not play!!!

We got a break from everything last week as a huge snow storm came through Thurs. No school or work Thurs. or Fri. and no soccer or basketball practice. I know J really enjoys both sports, but I think she also just had fun playing for a few days and not thinking about anything else but being a kid. Joey had a good idea to invite a friend over to enjoy the snow, so except for going out to take some pictures and helping with a few snowmen, we got to enjoy our days off in relative warmth inside while J had a great time out in the tundra!!!

They had a great time out there...and a great time inside afterward warming up with some hot chocolate and movies.

Basketball season is wrapping up, and I thought I'd post a few pictures of J playing her "favorite sport." Her team has had a great season so far...two games to go...and it has been exciting for me seeing how much she is growing as a player and finding all kinds of confidence in herself and her abilities. I will certainly be sad to see an end to this season...I love watching her play and LOVE the fact that it is indoors. :)

Monday, February 1, 2010

Student of the Week

So Jaden was named student of the week this week...she was very proud and excited. We were also very proud of her. Her excitement did fade a little when she realized that she had to fill out The Jaden Times to give everyone in the school a glimpse into what she's all about. When she finally got around to doing it though, it went really quickly...and I think she may have even had a little fun...although you'd never hear that from her. And so, drum roll is my little student of the week and The Jaden Times!!!

My favorite thing that she wrote about were her heroes....I think she did a pretty good job describing her grandparents!!!

Sorry Mammaw and Pawpaw, I apparently cut your floating heads off when I took the picture. I was just concentrating on getting the words.

I also cut off the nickname she'd choose for was J, although she has her bball teammates call her Nike J...hopefully Nike won't find out about this!!!

And I have no idea how I ended up with this picture going the wrong way, but I am not technically inclined and so this is the way you get to look at's supposed to be a cartoon image of her doing what she loves!!!