Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spring Break

Well I have really been slacking on the blogging these days but am hoping to get back into the swing of things. Jaden finished up her basketball season, had a great time and made some really good new friends. I was sad to see it end as I really enjoyed watching all the progress she has made in her game. She challenges her daddy to games of PIG in the yard everyday though, so I still get to see a little bball!!!

We are fully into soccer now, although we are having some of the same problems as last year with the fields being too wet to practice and play on again this spring...have I mentioned that I really like indoor sports where you don't have to worry about what the weather decides to do. We are supposed to have a game tomorrow night, but judging from the pouring rain I am hearing outside that's not going to happen. Jaden's team has gotten in five games so far this season and they are undefeated!!! I don't have too many pictures yet...all her games have been too windy for me to hold my camera still enough to get many good shots, so I'll just post this one for now. Her last game was the weekend before spring break started.

We left immediately from the last game and headed for the panhandle for a little spring break fun with the family. Sadie and Samantha waited for a time when we could come down to have their birthday parties. The kids had a blast.

Here's all five of the grandgirls playing together...poor Devin got kicked to the curb...happens when there are too many girls around I guess. I had to head back home Tues. morning, no week of spring break for me, but I totally enjoyed my few days and the time I had with my family. And now a big thank you to my sisters for helping me out with Jaden the rest of the week. Rebecca kept her for me on Tues. and took the kids ice skating and on a picnic, then Angie loaded her up and brought her back home to us and stayed the rest of the week. She had great plans to take the kiddos to the Fort Worth Zoo on Thurs...and after three hours in the car they finally made it there, stayed for two hours and took another three hour trip home. Gotta love DFW traffic. It was a great thought...guess the rest of the metroplex just had the same one. Friday she stuck to what she knows best and loaded them up for some shopping. Samantha wasn't that excited I don't think, but Jaden had been saving for Angie's visit and was ready to go...came home broke but very happy!!! Sandie, Corkey and Hope joined us for the weekend and we braved the cold and wet to take the kids to Going Bonkers where they had a little fun. Sandie and Corkey were even nice enough to climb through all the mess and mazes and get some pictures of the kids!!!

After all that we came back to the house for games and movies. I even finally saw Twilight thanks to Sami. The girls all played lots of Apples to Apples, and Jaden got Corkey to play a couple of games of of her favorites. Just wanted to thank everyone for a great week for Jaden and I...we'll have to do it again soon!!!