Thursday, January 21, 2010

Through Jaden's Eyes

Jaden spent last weekend in Oklahoma on her own getting spoiled by her grandparents, and she had a great time...pretty sure she would have stayed longer if she could have.

I sent Jaden's little digital camera with her in case she felt like taking some pictures. Here are a few of the pictures that she came home with.

It was a dream weekend for her. A whole day spent with her sisters and plenty of pets to play with. Thanks everyone for giving her such a great weekend...and giving her parents a date night!!!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Better late than never

Apparently I have been quite the negligent blogger...the holidays will do that to a gal I guess, although it's probably more that I have been a bit on the lazy side. We have a pretty full holiday season as I'm sure most people do. Ours begins at Thanksgiving when Jaden's MeMaw and Poppy Joe start giving out presents. We always like to make a second trip before Christmas to finish up, somewhat because, unlike some of my sisters, I never get any shopping done before Thanksgiving and also because we just like the second Christmas trip!!!

We celebrate with some good friends sometime before Christmas and also have our family Christmas celebration since we head to the panhandle for a the BIG family celebration for the actual day. Here are a few photos of some of our Christmas celebrations.

J with some webkinz...yes she is still a BIG fan of webkinz.

She is also a big fan of Justice.

Shocker of all shockers there is actually a picture of me, so thought I would include it for a change of pace.

Joe with his autographed Jason Witten helmet.

Joe after reading his present from Jaden - 10 Reasons why You are the King. I got one called 10 Reasons why I Love You. Such sweet gifts from our wonderful little girl.

J with some Texas gear...too bad Colt got knocked out early or we would have another national championship!!!

J's new bball goal. Hopefully it will warm up enough soon to get out and play!!!

Going through her stocking Christmas morning. Luckily for her Santa found us at home Christmas morning and left J's stocking and her gift here. Our family gift was acidentally transported to the panhandle, but it was something to look forward to. This was Jaden's first Christmas to miss being with everyone, but the weather mad the decision for us that we would be staying home this year. Too bad it didn't decide a little sooner though, cause we had no food in the house Christmas day. Luckily for us we found out that Alberston's is open Christmas day...fried chicken and pumpkin pie, not exactly the turkey and dressing and all the trimmings that I was expecting at Mom's, but at least we didn't starve.

We were all a little depressed about not being with family for the actual holiday, but at least J had this to keep her entertained...the reason we were still at home was at least a fun distraction for.

She had a pretty good time building a snowman, making snow angels, and making and throwing snowballs...mostly at the fence although I did have a pretty good war with her later in the day.

We finally made it to the panhandle the next weekend for New Years Eve and got to hang out with everyone. Plus got the present Santa left for us there!!!

Thanks for the laptop Santa...we totally understand your confusion!!!

It started snowing New Years Eve while we were in the panhandle, so J got to enjoy the snow with her cousins and had plenty of targets for her snowballs!!!

And lastly...a picture of Jaden in her Christmas dress from MeMaw and Poppy Joe...turned into a New Years Eve dress!!!

We hope each and every one of you had a very Merry Christmas and are enjoying a wonderful New Year. Can't wait to do it all again next holiday season!!!