Saturday, November 28, 2009

Happy Late Thanksgiving

There is so much in this wonderful life that I have that I am thankful for that it would take a while to list it all. God has truly blessed me. I am most thankful for my family though. For Joe and Jaden, my parents, brothers, sisters, nieces and nephews. I am also thankful for the second family I got when I married Joey. They have taken me in like I was one of their own. This year for Thanksgiving we drove up to Oklahoma to spend the day with them. I am also thankful that they are close enough for a one day visit since I usually have to work the Wed. before and the Fri. after Thanksgiving. It was a great day filled with tons of great food, football, family and fun...the four F's!!! Jaden made this little guy her friend from the start, his name is Snickers!!!

The kids all had a great time together. This year we had Thanksgiving at one of the cousins homes and they had tons for the kids to do. We saw them when it was time to eat and out the windows. Thankfully it was a beautiful day, and they took full advantage of it!!! There was a trampoline, tree house, basketball goal, bikes, scooters and plenty of trails for J to perfect her driving skills...they had a 4 wheeler and an ATV which she took full advantage of.

Mykah looks a little scared...if any of J's driving ability comes from her mamma I'd be scared too!!! Thankfully there were no accidents to report. Jaden was a little sad when we had to leave, she is already plotting to take a change of clothes next year and stay even if I have to come home and work.

Joey was excited to get this gift from his parents.

I thought it was so cute...even if it did have OU stuff all over it. You can plug it in and it lights up and everything. A little of his excitement wore off when J and I got this...

These are so adorable...thanks so much Sandra and Joe. We had a great time with all of you!!!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

A whirlwind

Since we got back from Oklahoma almost two weeks ago we have been going like crazy. Jaden had a soccer scrimmage Tues. and a game Thurs. night. Friday night her school had their annual fund raiser...MavFest - so after I picked her up from ESD we came home, changed and headed back up to the school. Jaden's favorite part of MavFest was the rock wall they had this year. She made it all the way to the top!!! She decided the line for the mechanical bull was too long. I was one of the volunteer parents. Luckily for me J and a few of her friends decided to help me out. I couldn't have done it without them!!!

After we got home from MavFest we hung out with the neighbors and waited for some family to roll into town. Mom, Rebecca and her kids showed up Friday night and Angie and her gang came by Saturday. The kids had a good time hanging out together.

There were dog piles and silly string and a trip to Going Bonkers throughout the day Saturday. There was also some shopping and of course another soccer game. No pictures from Bonkers...if you want good pictures there you have to crawl through with the kids. I was more in the sit at a table and talk with Mom and Rebecca mode.

After everyone went home on Sunday Jaden and I had a fun day of cleaning, laundry and grocery buying, well not fun but guess someone had to do it.
Monday Jaden had a well check at her doctors office. Her doctor discovered what she thought might be scoliosis. Joey is taking J to get an x-ray of her spine on Friday, and we will hopefully get some news back about that next week sometime...thanks for all the prayers everyone is saying for a good outcome!!!

Tuesday...what else, another soccer game. All this rain has made for a busy end of the soccer season:)

Today I went to Jaden's awards assembly at her school. I can't believe it is already the end of the second 6 weeks. Here is a picture of her on stage getting either her honor roll ribbon or perfect attendance...not sure which one, but they were both not very good pictures. My camera is not a fan of the lighting in the cafeteria.

Here's a picture of Jaden looking around to make sure I showed up!!!

No rest coming our way anytime soon either. Soccer games to finish up the season on Sat. and Sun. this weekend along with a basketball clinic on Sat. If you don't hear from me this weekend, now you'll know why!!!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A Day in OK

We went to Oklahoma over the weekend to celebrate our October b-days and Halloween with MeMaw and Poppy Joe. Our soccer game was cancelled on Sat. so we got an early start and made a day of it, although we'll be making up for all the missed soccer games this weekend and next...5 games crammed into these two weekends (4 of them make-up games). We had a great time on our trip and were glad we had the chance to go. Here are a few photos of our adventures in Oklahoma!!!

Jaden getting her b-day loot from MeMaw and Poppy Joe.

A little thank you hug for Poppy Joe.

George was there too...can't forget about George who thinks this is his chair and that he can sit in it like any regular person would.

George wondering who this girl is who's invading his space.

Logan and Rikki stopped by for a visit too. Logan thought J's new hat from MeMaw was pretty cool.

Jaden in her vampire outfit ready to do some trick-or-treating.

We hit Granny Mildred up for some candy!!!

Jaden, Rikki and I hit the haunted was inside an old funeral home and was pretty creepy. I don't think J is a fan of haunted houses anymore!!!

Jaden modeling her new outfit from MeMaw and Poppy Joe...they know just what a little girl likes!!!