Sunday, April 25, 2010

PIG and 21

J and Joe play at least one game of PIG and 21 every day. J loves it, and Joe really enjoys it too I think. I usually don't go out there...there's a lot of smack talk and rubbing it in to the loser, which is usually Jaden, but it sure makes it that much sweeter for her when she finally does win because she has all the smack talk down too. Joe doesn't cut her any slack...if she wins, she really pretending to miss a shot for Joe. He told me the other day that he is just trying to build a competitive spirit in her, make her want to win...and he's definitely succeeding at that. It would probably work really well if the little girls she played against treated her the same way. Right now she still saves most of her aggression for her daddy!!!

These are some pictures from a game of 21 they were playing the other day...a game that Jaden won!!!

They kick back and throw a little fun into the competition sometimes idea what sparked this little dance off, but glad I got a picture.

Joe trying to scare her on her last shot that was for the win...she's been here before though and knew it was coming.

And the final shot to seal a VICTORY!!!

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