Saturday, June 5, 2010

A busy May

We've had a lot going on in the month of May so thought I'd take a few minutes to blog about what I remember...I'm old and there are times my brain doesn't like to function. For instance, I was showing Joey these pictures and he asked where they were from. I told him "wonderland." Then he wanted to know when we went there. I had to tell him "don't you remember Becca and the kids came down here the first part of May and we took them?" Then he looked at me like I was crazy until I realized these pictures are from Six Flags...close enough as far as I'm concerned...I knew what I was talking about. Anyway J and I had a good time with Becca and the kiddos at Six Flags even though we were hoping it would be less crowded than it was. Luckily the kids were very patient with the lines.

The week after this outing was field day at J's school. I had volunteered to help out the second half of the day. Field day was a whole new adventure this year though since it poured rain the whole afternoon. They decided to do the events in the school this year...not the most exciting of days since their races were limited to the space they had up and down the halls, but they made the most of it and still had school work still means a good day for the kiddos!!!

J on one of the obstacle courses they had thankfully set up in the gym.

Kangaroo hop down the hall.

After field day we came home and got ready to head out to another big event for the month...Logan's graduation. We loaded up and headed to Oklahoma in the pouring rain. It was raining there too so the graduation was moved to inside in their gym. We are so proud of what a wonderful young woman she has grown into.

Mom, Angie and her kiddos came to visit us the next weekend. We had a great time hanging out with some good shopping in, and the kids had a good time playing with each other.

Last weekend we celebrated Memorial weekend with a lot of outside time. B-day party Sat. outside with water slides and then Sun. and Mon. at the lake. Jaden had a blast riding jet skies and doing some tubing.

She even tried a little knee boarding but wasn't quite strong enough to get herself all the way up.

Maybe that will change soon...she has also started track practices, and her at home assignment for the rest of this week is 25 push ups a day and some sprinting...she's not the biggest fan of the push ups at the moment, but hopefully she'll get stronger and they will get easier for her.

We still had to finish school the week after Memorial Day, so we hauled our tired selves out of bed Tues. morning and got through the week. For the first year J had perfect attendance for the entire year. She got to have a picnic with the principal for this achievement. She also did a great job on her TAKS test...100 on the reading and 98 on the math portion. I went to her awards assembly on Wed. to see her get all her awards for the proud of my smart, thoughtful, caring little girl!!!

And is a picture from the last day of school!!! Summer has officially begun around here. Track meets start this Sat...say a little prayer that we survive traveling the metroplex and being out in the heat!!!

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